Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Summer Frieze

Dear Mom,
I put the finishing touches on a summer time variation of my Friezestyle knitting pattern. Knit with 100%  cotton, this one has short garter stitch sleeves. I added some decreases on top of the shoulders for a bit of shaping. And to give the top a little A-line flair, I've added garter stitch wedges to each side.
I am hoping to find some fabric and sew a pair of loose capris to wear with this top.

Universal Yarns Cotton Supreme DK

The weather today (and yesterday) is ideal. Sunny, breezy, crisp. Summer sweater weather!


Ben Lowe said...

You are so talented - lovely color!

Reneelynn said...

that would be sooo cute white white capri's too!!

ElaineChicago said...

Great idea to decrease stitches in the shoulder area. I like the pattern in the body of the sweater + the wedges and the stripes on the sleeves.