Sunday, January 3, 2016


Dear Mom,

Tonight is the bittersweet beginning of the end. It doesn't seem right to be excited to watch tonight's season premiere of Downton Abbey knowing this season is the last. Still, we should celebrate what we love and I took inspiration from the EffervescentLoriBeth and made cucumber sandwiches (I even cut the crust off my bread!)  and Victoria Sandwich cake. I'll use my littlest Brown Betty to brew a wee pot of tea and enjoy all of it on a special china set. 


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Barbara Bettegnies said...

Kim, I empathize with you on the ultimate demise of Downton Abbey. We'll savor the moments as they come and remember them later, when the series comes to its conclusion. Your vignette is a perfect homage to the series and the characters we have come to love. I lift my tea to you this morning!