Monday, June 22, 2015


Dear Mom,
We've had plenty of rain, and heat and humidity, too, and my flower garden is blooming!
Dame's Rocket


Bee Balm

Tickseed, Delphinium, Hollyhock

Morning sun on Marigolds

Oak tree sprouting from an acorn! I found the freshly sprouting acorn when prepping the
soil for the new flower garden. I am sure a squirrel planted it under the hot tub.

Isn't the Hollyhock beautiful?

The zinnia's are beginning to bloom also. I have a snapdragon, pincushion flower and a zinnia in the milk glass bud vase on my kitchen window sill.


1 comment:

Mary Lee said...

Gorgeous! It bears no resemblance to mine. The rabbits have wolfed down the Sweet Williams and stripped the Asian lilies, while the weeks of 98+ temps fried the rest. I do have some dailyness blooming and although they're well past blooming now my blue columbines were gorgeous. (Thank you!)

The yellow shawl in an earlier post looked like summer. . . LOVELY! Wonderful color!