Wednesday, October 22, 2014

And Then My Head Exploded

Dear Mom,
On a recent visit to the Kansas City area to spend several blissful days with a dear friend, we gloried for hours, soaking in the inspiration of Florilegium.

beads of every shape and color imaginable

This area was off limits to customers. It is The Owner/Artist's Studio area.

This display is just small selection of the beautiful ribbons available.

Everything is displayed to perfection.

This case greets you as you step in the door.

This Enchantment is beaded embroidery on a window screen!

And one display case was filled with samples of ribbon embroidery.

In addition to the ribbons and beads I've shown here, there was roving, and wool for embroidery or needlepoint, buttons, art yarn, hand painted yarns, and thousands of ideas. Gretchen, the owner, and Cathy, her employee, were extremely generous with their time and ideas, with no hesitation to demonstrate a technique or describe a creative process. We left with our heads spinning. My only regret is that Florilegium is 9+ hours away. Lucky for ALL of us, they ship orders every day!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Sounds like a road trip destination. Cindy

Knit Together said...
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Carol L. said...

Come on over. This little gem is an Fiber Art Gallery. I am pondering my next move at Florilegium.

Chris said...

I usually have a better command of words, but all I can say is, "Wow."

Mary Lee said...

Beautiful! My head would have exploded, too. I wouldn't know where to even start!

I've never been to Kansas City, but if you go again, go check out the library. I saw it on a list of amazing places to visit.