Thursday, February 20, 2014

And She's Off

Dear Mom,

Freshly off the needles and worn for the first time yesterday (no need for a winter coat!!!) -

This is THAT Sweater, with Nature Spun worsted, color Scarlet.
I am teaching this sweater as a class at the Village Yarn Shop, and started this as a demonstration model and as a way to confirm that what I've been asking the class to complete from week to week is not asking too much. I've spread the 6 sessions of this class over 9 weeks to give everyone plenty of time to get their homework done.
This sweater is constructed sideways, from cuff to cuff, in one piece. It's been interesting watching the knitters in my class wrap their heads around this. For many, the construction (especially of the pockets) requires a leap of faith- and quite a bit of reassurance.
My original blue This is THAT Sweater (now affectionately nicknamed TiTS- sorry about that) has been worn almost as a uniform all winter long. It now has a red team mate. I hope it won't get called into duty too many times before next winter, but for now, it is a refreshing addition to my exhausted, overused, sweater wardrobe.
Today is a grey, but balmy almost 60 degrees. I have a few windows cracked open for the fresh air. The birdsong and sounds of melting snow are music to my ears. I even have the back door opened a bit to allow Olive the freedom in and out through the porch. For the first time in what must be months, I can see patches of grass! It all sounds and smells and feels so promising. I hope the crocus and snowdrop bulbs I scattered throughout the front yard survived and soon give me a colorful display. If they have (and if they do) I will share photos here.



Christine said...

I wish I knew you were teaching that, I might have made the trek over there as I'm still afraid to go it alone.

Don't want to burst your bubble but it is supposed to turn cold again. :(

Annemarie Allen said...

Great sweater!!!

Anonymous said...

I loved the first one you made (blue, wasn't it?) and I love this one, too Quite a snazzy look with the belt and scarf. (I'm mentally calculating how long a belt would have to be in order to tie it around my waist like that. How long is a water hose? :)

Oh, I love it. . . TITS!