Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Fringe

Dear Mom,
The Fringe.
Of my Sanity, you may wonder, as we find ourselves confronted by ANOTHER snow day. But not yet. This Fringe I am wondering about is the fringe on a shawl.

I did not keep track of, and probably do not care to know, how much time went into the spinning of the fiber for this shawl. But at last, the spinning and plying is done and I wove the shawl this yarn was intended to be.

The fringe has been trimmed to 10 inches.
I experimented with twisting the fringe, but it seemed too heavy for the shawl. I felt the same about the look of braiding it. The ends of the shawl are hemstitched with the fringe in clusters of three strands. The body of the shawl measures 17" x  60".
Sooo- do I leave the fringe as is? Trim it shorter? Knot the ends? Suggestions are welcome!



Christine said...

I think, after all that work, you must leave every ounce of that yarn intact. Just sayin'…

thecrazysheeplady said...

I think it looks good as is. Loose and length. Very, very pretty! Super nice job!!!

Christine said...

Hey, do you know, is spinning on or off for Sunday? That is…assuming the weather allows it?

Carol L. said...

I have to see this gem in person...and soon. :-) Spinning, plying and weaving makes it 100% YOURS!! Only other thing you could have done is raised the fiber and sheared it. What is the fiber?

I'm going to go against the vote here. I like shorter fringe. Less to fuss with while wearing it.

love the color.

Anonymous said...

I like it just the way you have it. It's a look that matches the wave.