Monday, July 2, 2012

Basic Training

Dear Mom,

Olive Goes Down Stairs......
a video montage.
Olive has rejected the Roll Down method and adopted the Belly Slide as her preferred method of descent.
I love how she looks back at her legs like she is trying to figure out why they aren't cooperating.


Meetzorp said...

That is hilarious! Poor little thing. I love when pups are still at that klutzy stage. It's so darling and so short lived.

Mary Lee said...

So cute--and such a good sport! No problems going up?

I don't suppose Bumper is interested in teaching her?

Carol L. said...

I love how she was getting it a bit better and better with each try. From the first film where Olive tumbled down in a mess of puppy to the last one where her hind legs lagged behind....just too too cute!!

Carol L. said...

and my I just add...Is it just me or am i getting dumber, but the letters that prove I'm not a "robot" are getting harder and harder to read. I really struggle and have to have 2-3 tries at it before I can get published. :-)