Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A New One

Dear Mom,
Even Patsy never managed to do something like this......
Olive tangled herself in the cord and pulled the lamp off the table.

Good thing I took "Fix-it-Boutique" in Junior High.



Elaine said...

She has that "Who, me?" look!!

Creeker said...

Our sweet Pansy caught her collar in the lower dishwasher rack (hmmm...wonder what she was trying to do). In the effort to free herself, she dragged the rack all the way across the kitchen.

Carol L. said...

Just read the comment from "Creeker". Our lovely Mr. Toby did the same thing. Lots of noise with this dragging of the dishwasher rack!! Olive is looking all sweet and innocent. I"m pretty sure it worked on her mom!

Mary Lee said...

Yes, I think you are surely mistaken. That face could not belong to a guilty girl. She just doesn't want to rat out Bumper.

If HE didn't do it, check your husband's expression again.