Friday, February 17, 2012


Dear Mom,
It was either the last finished project of 2011 or the first finished project of 2012 ( I can't remember). I guess since it technically wasn't felted until this week that it qualifies as a 2012 project.
I needed a new tea cozy once the scorched tea cozy finally completely fell apart. It had been subjected to more scorching episodes after that initial unexplained injury. When one of Wool and Honey's Twelve Knits of Christmas projects was a tea cozy, I logged in and ordered the kit.

My finished tea cozy was a bit too big for my Brown Betty and felting was called for. I've had mixed results felting in my front loader and my plan was to borrow your washing machine one day.  I continued to use the cozy in its too big state, but started worrying that it might end up in the same scorched condition as its predecessor if I continued using it all floppy. My impatience got the better of me and I had a go at felting in my front loader, deciding I'd make another if my felting attempt failed.

Happily, it did not, (although any more time in the machine and it may have ended up too small) and now I have a perfectly thick, well-fitted, warm cozy for my tea pot.

Hot tea + Girl Scout Trefoil cookies = Bliss.



csndyrn said...

I have a front loader washer, a Kenmore HE. I just put my projects in with the regular washload on warm water and let it go. I have also just put in a load of socks in the appropriate color and it does just fine. I do a lot of purses this way so the size can be a little off one way or another. Usually take 2 turns for purses. I have had great results.

Carol L said...

A felted tea cozy is just plain.... Cozy. :-). I'll join you for tea soon.

Mary Lee said...

I have a box of Trefoils open right now, also. Two more boxes to go. I think there must be some secret symbol on our house that tells kids, "The man of the house is a sucker when it comes to buying from kids."t