Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Boring Post about Kitchen Towels

Dear Mom,
I finished weaving the kitchen towels.
If I fold them just so, and you don't look too closely, you might be fooled into thinking they are perfect.

They are not.

They are riddled with errors, which seem to only show up on the underside of the weaving, so I didn't notice them until the towels came off the loom. Before I start my next project (more towels) I am going to have to figure out what I am doing wrong. I know enough to figure out that this is not a treadling error- the mistake is not carried all the way across that "row". I think that somehow I am going under threads I should be going over and I need to figure out how/what I am doing to make this happen so I can figure out how NOT to make it happen. Gotta fall down a few times when you are learning to walk.

However, they are just kitchen towels, they will be quite functional whether they are error free or not, and I've been weaving for less than a month and should cut myself some slack. I guess these are the weaving version of all those wonky, pitiful, one-skein scarves I knit when I was 11. I just hope I end up with fewer wonky dishtowels in my kitchen than the closet held scarves back in the early 70's!



From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

The kitchen towels are something. You must feel so proud of yourself.

Christine said...

Okay, that's it. Where did you take your weaving class? I want in.

corina said...

Your towels are lovely. You should be proud of what you've done!

woolyredrug said...

Just stumpled upon your blog...your towels are lovely...and you will love using them.
My loom is buried at the moment but my favorite thing to weave is towels...I have some that I wove 15 years ago that are just starting to show wear...can buy them that good!
I hope I'm not being to forward in making a suggestion...and I don't even know what type of loom you are using...but make sure you have a clear shed...your minor errors are from catching wrong threads. You are correct it's not a threadling error or a threading one. Happy weaving!!! ~Laurie

Terry Golson said...

One can never have too many kitchen towels, and if they're flawed then you don't worry about staining them when wiping up the beet juice. Much more useful than perfect towels.

Dianne@sheepdreams said...

I agree with woolyredrug. I think it's that you aren't getting a clear shed...maybe some of your warp threads are sticking together? And, your towels are lovely. I love weaving functional things. Be sure you use them.....a lot....and enjoy them. Don't save them for another day. (Hahaha-My word was messes and I know it was meant for me...not you!)

merrilymarylee said...

I would call them fine china towels.