Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March socks

Dear Mom,
They were started late, but March's socks are finished. Yes, Yes, they do look a little different, don't they?!
They are a perfect example of why one needs to check DYE LOTS on the yarn label. I remember purchasing this yarn on vacation- on our way to Myrtle Beach, years ago, in a lovely yarn shop in Hendersonville, NC. My Hero coordinates our pit stops with yarn shop visits if at all possible, and I remember this was one of those. And that despite all reassurances that I could "take all the time" I needed, I KNEW there two children and a husband anxious to get back on the road and get to the beach. Obviously I skipped the "check the dye lot" part of my yarn purchase.
I'll keep this odd pair for myself. My feet and I won't mind the slight difference in color, and the socks will still be just as warm.


laura said...

that's a GREAT header picture!! made me laugh. ;) said...

Heh Kim, I have actually been kniting two socks at once on the long circular and have intentionally been starting sock #2at a different section of yarn so I get a variance. I love them this way. You can tell they match but they don't look like something commercially made.

Carol L said...

Didn't you just start those??? Love the uniqueness of the socks.

debbie said...

The socks are great anyway! I love that your other half will actually coordinate pit stops with yarn stores. He's a keeper :)