Friday, February 18, 2011

Growing Old Gracefully . . . ?

Dear Mom,
Ha ha ha!!  I can't stop giggling!  Those pictures are super fun!  Wow!  I had a different hairstyle in every photo and I wore a LOT of bright lipstick and a LOT of bling-bling!  It looks like I even went through a Boy George phase!
I wonder if I will be giggling in another 20 years?! . . . .

I had a very fun birthday!! My most favorite friends came over to celebrate.  We ate a fabulous dinner together, drank some Naked wine (I thought that since I couldn't wear my "birthday suit", it might still be fun to drink Naked with friends-ha!) and we ate the cake I baked, which I found here.

There were lots of candles which David had to light with a blow torch!!  More giggling!  Ha!

I can't wait to spend my next 44 years with way more giggling, baking, enjoying friends and living with much love and joy!


Christine said...

The pictures were priceless. I'm glad you had a fun birthday. You girls always make me envious, I wish I had sisters like you.

Birdie said...

Totally awesome. Love these posts by the younger crowd who suspect they might be aging. Honey, you look GREAT and you will in another 20 years also. It is the knitting that keeps us young! and being knitted to your siblings doesn't hurt. Looks like much fun. Really? a blowtorch?

shannon said...

You look great wendy and really haven't changed at all. Hope you had a wonderful birthday with your family.