Monday, January 17, 2011

January's Socks

Dear Mom,
I've finished my January socks!

After finishing those, I pulled out one of the leftover yarn linen stitch scarf kits I made for myself and started working on that. I've also had a cardigan pattern brewing in my brain and did a little swatching and brainstorming on that yesterday afternoon. I love being productive!

A couple of weeks ago I talked with a local printer about having some of my photos turned into notecards and this morning I picked up my order. I am very happy with them.

Printed on white 80lb card stock, blank inside, featuring a variety of knitting related photos. I am entertaining the thought of opening an etsy shop and selling them. What do you think?

I need about 6 more hands. Merrilymarylee has given me an idea for a scarf design, and Bonnie Jo needs a wrap to wear in the morning- something to cover her shoulders with a button closure. I guess she got the idea from Golda. Marge and Gloria.



Michele said...

Can I special order some with just chicken sweater photos? How bout some of Patsy half on-half off the couch. I'd truly love some of those! Your socks are so pretty, but that picture of them in progress, with FOUR skewers stuck in the yarn made my head do you DO that black magic, lady? Michele

Christine said...

Oh yes, please put some on etsy. I'd love to have some. The chicken photo is, of course, my favorite.

Bird said...

Love the cards...I may have to do that with some of my wordless wednesday shots. Did you get them through Shutterfly?

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I think you would do very well with your note cards. Especially the chickens. I love them!!

Anonymous said...

Cards are so neat--fodder for the chickens' fan base.

Work on the scarf first. Bonnie Jo's going to need her heavy coat for a few more months!

Bonnie Jo said...

Great idea to sell the note cards. Holy chicken, if the girls find out about this, they will be calling an Agent...and then before I know it, they will be demanding central heating and air conditioning in the coop!!

Merrilymarylee can wait on her scarf...I need my warm wrap and you need your cranberry cordial!!! said...

Just found your blog through the CoopKeeper and love your cards!! Being a knitter myself, I would definately buy them!

Terry Golson said...

I have an etsy shop for my cards. I'm not going to make a lot of money (maybe I can buy a bag of chicken feed) but it's fun, easy, and a way to connect with readers of my blog. Do it!

Anonymous said...

cute cards! Very nice!!