Sunday, January 23, 2011

Closing the door

Dear Mom,
I am extremely pleased to report that my recent window treatment chapter has a happy ending. I am done with the three whatever-you-call-ems on the porch door and the two roman shades for the windows in the family room.
They are up and functioning and while nothing about them was difficult, their unwieldy size and the weight of the fabric made this a bit of a workout. I bent 3 sewing machine needles and gunked up another one sewing on some velcro. My left arm is a little sore. I guess sewing muscles are different from dog walking and knitting  muscles.....  

Tragedy struck Friday afternoon when Mr. Dyson fell victim to a mysterious nervous condition and required hospitalization. I fear the never ending supply of dog hair was too much for him and he needed a little time in rehab. Fortunately he is still young, and his visit will be covered by Warranty. Mrs. Bissell, who tends to (and prefers) the lighter upstairs duty, has volunteered to take over his Mr. Dyson's responsibilities until he returns.



Christine said...

You crack me up. My Mr. Hoover recently passed away leaving the upstairs untended.

dls said...

Glue..... gallons of glue would help hold the dog hair in place!

Thumbs up on the window fabric!

Anonymous said...

You're amazing! I picture you singing, "I am WOMAN, W-O-M-A-N!" as you hang that Roman shade with one hand tied behind you (with Patsy's leash.)

Sorry about Mr. Dyson wimping out. He should be ashamed! Patsy isn't even a long-haired dog!