Saturday, December 18, 2010

Deer Ant Kim

Deer Ant Kim,

Kan u maak us a swetter sno soot? 

Gloria wont shar. 

Mom sed if we ask nislee u will nitt a sno soot for us.

p.s.  we lik chikin buttens too.

Golda and Marge


Anonymous said...

I LOVE you girls, this is just a riot.

Merry Christmas!

Farm Girl said...

My daughter in love sent me a link to your blog, this is so awesome. I have laughed and laughed. I love the chicken sweater. And the buttons.
So cute, very nice looking hens too.

Christine said...

LOL, OMG this is priceless.

melly~ said...

oh my goodness, this is a hoot!! one of my knitting friends shared your blog with me. how fun!
we have snow here too and my girls probably wish i'd knit them a sweater. i fear my friends may commit me if did though!
thanks for sharing your joy.

Valley Girl said...

that is the MOST adorable thing I have EVER seen. I must have chickens now. Just so they can wear sweaters in the snow!

Razzberry Corner said...

The sweaters are very cute! I put aprons on my hens this past summer because they were getting torn up by the roosters. But they were not nearly as cute as these sweaters! They look like well-cared for birds! -Lynn