Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Things to look at when you should be doing other things.

Dear Mom,
You know how it is. You start reading a blog and then you click on a link to another blog, which ends up taking you to another. And before you know it you can't remember how you got there or even how to find your way back.
I know None of Us has time for this right now, with pies to be baked and turkeys waiting for the stuffing, but maybe a little daydreaming, inspiration sparking blog reading is just what our overworked-stretched-too-thin selves need right about now.
So here are few fun, crafty, creative, inspiring blogs I've stumbled across in the last day or so: (set a timer. don't burn the bread. don't say I didn't warn you!)

One Pearl Button

Say Yes to Hoboken

Take a nostalgic trip HERE

I found Lines of Beauty,a blog about embracing our ages, through Getting Stitched on the Farm.



Michele said...

Sooooo, missy, is there pie in your near future? Have a gorgeous Thanksgiving, and don't forget to share with Patsy and Bumper. As if!


Bonnie Jo said...

Kim, Can you please keep your eye out for a blog about embracing a bad haircut?

SherilinR said...

i totally follow those bloggy paths into never never land myself. it's sure an easy way to pass the time when you're too busy or distracted or frantic to think of what you should actually be doing.