Saturday, November 13, 2010


Dear Mom,

I hoped it would happen, but NEVER thought it would happen so soon.

Last night I was able to spin this while Patsy lay not more than 3 feet away. She didn't even glance at the roving laying on the floor nearby.

It's just..... WOW.



Christine said...

Good Patsy! Smart Patsy! Lucky Kim. Good work with the training. I truly believe that dogs live to please their humans. Patsy is probably so pleased with herself. (Oh, word verification is "doersor" that a sign I need to start training Dozier?)

Dianne@sheepdreams said...

That's so great! Hopefully, Patsy is growing into the wonderful girl she was meant to be. What a relief for all of you (including Patsy!).

Michele said...

Kim, you really must tell us, at least in abreviated fashion, what you are doing differently.....please, please, please. It won't jinx you, and might help us (me!). Michele