Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Light of Day

Dear Mom,

This is what was revealed in the backyard when the sun came up this morning. (And yes, I am swallowing alot of pride revealing the desperate condition of our burned out backyard and the Patsy toys scattered about- even her chewed up swimming pool- so you can see this. Considering there has only been about an inch of rain since July, and record heat along with it, it really is a wonder there is anything green here at all. As you can see, brown grass is the least of my concerns.)



Anonymous said...


Brilliant dog! She was playing a game. She has probably left you a gift out there somewhere. You're supposed to rewind the yarn and find it.

Husband and I enjoyed this video immensely. I know you're aggravated, but Patsy gets mega-points for entertainment value. Those helicopter ears crack me up.

deb325tc said...

Tell me it was ACRYLIC!!!!! I know wool is lots of fun too Patsy. . . . . . . .

Michele said...

Geeez, Mom, she was FRAMED!!!!!

Dianne@sheepdreams said...

Oh my! That Patsy is burning the midnight oil now.