Friday, September 17, 2010

The good, the bad and the ugly

Dear Mom,

Good: I took everything off the bookshelves in the family room, wiped off books and dusted shelves and put it all back. I put as much effort into the rest of the room and it was really clean.
Bad: Clean just doesn't last long enough.
Ugly: While I was concentrating on all this cleaning, Patsy ate 2 sticks of butter that were softening on the kitchen counter in anticipation of chocolate chip cookies.

Good: When Patsy threw up the first time, it was in the parking lot of the dog park.
Bad: The second time she threw up was on the kitchen floor, not on the carpeting.
Ugly: What I had to scoop out of the neighbor's yard on our walk this morning.



Michele said...

You addressed this to "Mom", but I know you secretly meant the content for make me laugh. It worked. I love Patsy. Michele

Carol L said...

You are funny. It is nice to come to your blog for a laugh. Poor Patsy. I'm sure Bumper could relate. I seem to remember another dog-eating-something-he-shouldn't story years back. Also, congratulations on your new blog. What a great place to show case your ideas. No boundaries.

da said...

Patsy's just getting warmed to sample the upcoming holiday treats . . . . cider, donuts, candy corn, turkey, pies, eggnog, cookies (for teachers & neighbors wrapped or ready to eat).

If you plan on sending any of the above my way. . . will you put it up on the refrigerator or lock it in your trunk? :)

Anonymous said...

Excuse me for laughing because I can imagine the mess. Two sticks, huh? Greased lightning.

I don't suppose you're in the mood to knit her a winter jacket.