Monday, May 17, 2010

The Photo Shoot

Dear Mom,
For the past 6 weeks or so, I've been working on a couple of patterns for Knit Picks. I thought all the hard work was done when I emailed  the instructions and sent the samples off. I was wrong.
The final part of the process turned out to be the toughest. They asked for a photo of myself and a brief bio for their website.
I stewed over the bio and wording for a little while, organized my thoughts and wrote the short paragraph. Then I set about trying to take a self portrait. With my camera held at arms length, I tried different lighting, different poses and different backgrounds. I tried not to feel dumb as I stood in the backyard and smiled at the camera I was holding. I tried to make myself look less wrinkled, and thinner. And less gray. And less like Daddy. I tried to find my "best side".

I was getting discouraged.

I enlisted the help of the Young Lady. "Take a few pictures of me with Bumper", I begged. "It is for a website."

The Young Lady has inherited her Grandpa's love of animals, and his talent for making them the focal point of a photograph.

Next, I tried using my little tripod and the self timer. I got an acceptable picture, but Bonnie came to my rescue.
She had several ideas for our Photo Shoot and was determined to take a good one that would not feature a mole, wrinkles or gray hair. She promised nothing about skinny.

We took shots of me watering the daisies with Patsy.
And pictures of me sitting on the front porch until Bumper decided to see what was going on...

And some action shots of me knitting on the back porch, which worked fine until Patsy grabbed the yarn ball and ran.
Bonnie took her job seriously. She even told me to "WORK IT" and asked about the wind machine.
Then we laughed.
And I laughed even harder when I noticed her photographer's stance.



Bonnie Jo said...

My leg muscles were so sore the next day! I mean, gosh, look at me...I was practically doing the splits!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love them all. AND your flowers, especially the blue ones. Daisies, I can grow. The Bumper in the glass door picture is so cute! Patsy's ears make me laugh just to look at them.

Bonnie Jo is a contortionist! I'd have needed help getting up from that pose.

Carol L said...

I love the pictures. The one with Patsy is my favorite. It is now my pix for you on my phone. If you call I see it.

Lizzie said...

Great pics, it's not easy 'smiling' for the camera is it?

Estella said...

Love the picture with you and your dogs and the flowers. Whenever I finish a sweater our daughter is my photographer...she's 12. She does the whole "work it Mom" routine and one day I'm going to have to video her photographer routine as it is hysterical.

Laurie said...

Love the front porch pic, even with the Bumper photobomb. Love the daisies, too. I need to plant more daisies...

Dianne@sheepdreams said...

I HATE having my picture taken. You look great....very natural and relaxed despite all the distractions going on around you.

Melissa said...

LOVE it! I love the picture of you watering the daisies with Patsy. *And* I love the fact that you are such a prolific it!