Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Safety First

Dear Mom,
For 16 years and 43 days, not to mention the 9 long months before that, I have done everything I could to keep my boy safe. My radar has become finely tuned, and the eyes in the back of my head have not yet needed cheaters. For years, I slept with one ear open, or had my sleep disturbed by horrific dreams of toddlers stepping into oncoming traffic. I've made sure he was vaccinated and had regular checkups and balanced meals and knew to look both ways before crossing the street.

And all that time and through all that effort, despite all driver's education classes and all the hours practicing, I knew that this day would come. But somehow it never seemed real.

Today, the Young Man passed his driving test and earned his driver's license. He drove his dad back to work and then for the first time, drove to golf practice.In the car. Alone. By himself. In the car.

I am not waking up from this one. And I will not breathe right until the car is parked in the garage and he is back home safely.

I don't know how you did it Mom.



carol said...

Oh, how well I remember even more than 16 years later. The instructor picked him up at the house and PUT HIM IN THE DRIVER"S SEAT. His father and I stood at the window. The road was still slick with rain. Is the instructor insane? Omigosh, was I scared. He came home safely. Only days later did he tell us that when the other student drove, that student did a 180 on the slick road. Hope for small accidents, or seeing another, so he learns how quickly things go wrong.

Lizzie said...

Oh my Kim, I feel for you, Four times we did that and now in just over two years our eldest grandsons will be doing the same thing!!

Bonnie Jo said...

Congratulations to the Young Man. I know EXACTLY how you feel!!!