Monday, April 5, 2010


Dear Mom,
I can't remember a more beautiful Easter Sunday, weather-wise. The afternoon was ideal for the family cookout.
After everyone left yesterday, and after my nap on the screened porch, I enjoyed the remainder of the afternoon and into the evening knitting on the patio.

I finished the latest pair of socks during the Butler game on Saturday night.  GO BUTLER BULLDOGS!!!

because of long color pattern repeats in the yarn, this is a fraternal rather than identical pair of socks

I worked on the next pair of socks yesterday. This pair is for a future issue of Creative Knitting magazine. I love the yarn they chose. It is Trekking Hand Art.

I also worked on knitting and  tweaking a pattern that will also be published soon. Nearly done with the knitting on this one.

This morning may even be more pleasant than yesterday. After some pet-sitting responsibilities, I am taking the Young Man out to track down some leads on summer jobs. He passed the written portion of his driver's test on Saturday, and the driving test is scheduled next week. I have mixed feelings about the thought of him driving. I am scared, and yet his independence gives me a little more freedom, too. I'll just pray hard and try to ignore that clenched up burning knot in my stomach.

We'll all be watching the game tonight. I may need to pull my mindless car knitting project out of the car to work on during the game. Tense fingers could throw off my gauge or snap those tiny sock needles into pieces!


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Laurie said...

Oh my...that Trekking yarn is gorgeous! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Hope your team wins tonight!