Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not cool enough

Dear Mom,
I am not cool enough to pretend that it isn't exciting when I see one of my designs published. It is. I look at the knitting and then at my name and then do an internal happy dance.
It is even more exciting to see knitters actually knitting my designs. And to use one of my patterns as a spring board for further creativity is the best. Like CarolWho'sHouseGotStruckbyLightning's Walk in the Parka and WendyBee's Quilted VestI'll be watching that one- can't wait to see it finished.

Patsy "Smarty Pants" Wagner escaped from the deluxe borrowed crate on her first official time in it. I came home from the desperately needed haircut ( I was looking like an 80's hair band groupie) to find the puppy Not In the Crate. No damage done, no accidents. I imagine the escape was so exhausting that she had nothing left in her but a nap. Borrowed Crate #2, a more utilitarian crate, is scheduled for delivery this afternoon. We shall see if that contains her. I do not want to miss knitting with my friends tomorrow.

Both dogs are sleeping on the floor next to me. I feel like the mother of an infant. Do I take advantage of the quiet time to knit or nap?

Knit. Especially if I am going to have a sock #5 to show you.



Bonnie Jo said...

Awwwww! Hmmmmm...that wouldn't be the Hero's snuggie, would it?!!!!

Carol L said...

Let's hope it is the Heros' snuggie because puppy owes her new plush life to him. From abandoned along a busy road in the dark, to sleeping with her new big brother on a couch!! Now that is livin a good puppy life!!! Bumper looks resigned to the fact she is staying... Or just really good at ignoring her. With one escape from a crate under her belt I have a feeling she will be worthy of many, many stories.