Monday, February 1, 2010

Her name is Patsy

Dear Mom,
The vet's diagnosis?
It's a dog. A good old mix of everything good, no particular breed. Which is a relief because I was sure I saw some Great Dane in there and pictured myself driving my little Matrix around with Patsy's head sticking out of the sunroof. She will be a Large Dog, but not a Giant.
I had forgotten how wiggly puppies can be, and the only good photos I can get of her are while she sleeps.

yes, that is a handknit blanket she is sleeping on

As the shock and awe wear off, and I adjust to my new reality, I have decided that Patsy is a very bright little girl. Bumper, however, like all older siblings, just wants her to go away.

This New Reality has put a cramp in my sock-a-week resolution. I may not git-r-done this week. We'll see. In my rattled state, I've done very little knitting since Friday. Not good.


Amidst the chaos, I received a package from Wendy. It was filled with a variety of spinning fibers.

In a random fashion, I spun and plied a good bunch of it with the hope of creating an interesting novelty yarn, and ended up with this!

This distracted spinning and plying was the perfect respite and a fulfilling bit of intermittent creativity this weekend. Thanks, Wendy!


Christine said...

THAT is a precious puppy-face!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the newest canine member of your family :) Dogs are the BEST!!! ~ Suzy (Bonnie's neighbor and proud mommy of 2 Great Pyrenees babies!)

Anonymous said...

A very good name! Will you call her PATRICIA! when you're angry? LOL!

She's so cute...and much smaller than I thought, compared to BJ.

Since she already appreciates knitting, i think she'll turn out to be your companion. And you'll love it.

I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

Oh, Kim! Patsy is so sweet! I love her grateful-to-you-love-you-forever face! And WOW! You made that roving look beautiful!!! :-)