Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Dear Mom,

Happy Valentine's Day

Holiday accessories are not something that Bumper Joseph will tolerate. Patsy likes her Valentines Day bow. I may have to knit her a sweater.

With the Boys in Detroit to see a Red Wings game, The Young Lady and I had grand plans for the weekend which included watching the Opening Ceremonies on Friday night. I envisioned myself finishing (or at least getting close to finishing) a sweater while we watched. We both fell asleep during the parade of nations. The last thing we both remember is Jamaica. We missed all the good stuff. I did better last night. Still didn't finish the sweater, but the short track speed skating kept me awake. I just love Apolo Ohno. And that smile is a Dental Hygienist's dream. The Young Lady lost her battle with Mr. Sandman a mere 20 minutes before the short track finals. All this Girls Weekend stuff just wore her out, I guess!

During the last winter Olympics, in 2006, I participated in the Knitting Olympics and knit this sweater.

It was cast on during opening ceremonies and finished before the torch was extinguished. I don't think it is coincidental that I had Carpal Tunnel surgery a year later. So, with that in mind, I, like all good athletes, know when it is time to retire from competition. I will continue to enjoy the sport, just not at an Olympic level.


p.s. I tried to get a better shot of Miss Patsy Cake, with her pretty bow. Here are my less than successful shots.


Anonymous said...

That last picture is SOOO precious! If Patsy gets tired of snow, send her to puppy camp at my house. Miss Piggy can teach her all kinds of undesirable habits.

That sweater is worthy of a gold medal!

Bonnie Jo said...

Trying to take a good picture of a puppy is probably a lot like taking a picture of a chicken. (Lots of movement and bouncing around!!) Happy Valentine's Day!

Christine said...

I LOVE the sweater. It looks like Ralph Lauren's design for Team USA...actually yours is much prettier than his! I too love Apolo Anton Ohno. I made it a little longer through the parade of nations. I fell asleep in the "Ms".

DonnaCME said...

What a beautiful sweater! What is the pattern??
Adorable pup, by the way.....!

I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

To DonnaCME- the sweater is a Harrisville Design- I think it is called White Aran Pullover, or something generic like that.

DonnaCME said...

Thanks so much, Kim!