Thursday, December 17, 2009

This is not on the list

Dear Mom,

Do you ever find yourself doing the last thing that you should be doing? Especially when the "To Do" list is reaaaaaallllllllyyyyy loooooooooooong?

I do.



Carol L. said...

Thanks to Debbie for sharing her roving stash. It is gorgeous!!! Now go back to your Christmas chores!!

Anonymous said...

I do love your holiday headers! :)

I figured you'd be spinning, trying to get everything done, but I was thinking "spinning" as in going in 40 different directions, trying to get everything done before school is out.

Anonymous said...

I have that problem ALL the time... like right now! I'm sitting on my rear in front of the computer, reading my favorite blogs, playing games... ugh. I need to focus on the "important" stuff!
Thanks for sharing this wonderful Christmas photo... it put a smile on my face :) Merry Christmas to you all... Suzy (Bonnie's neighbor)