Monday, November 16, 2009

Spun Out

Dear Mom,

I have used up all the practice stuff they sent home with me.

I am still spinning bleeeeeeeeeeeeeppppp.

I don't know how to correct my mistakeS.

Do I go buy more roving and keep practicing, or do I stick that spinning wheel in the time-out corner and ignore it until I leave for class next Saturday?

I ask myself after my required two spool's worth of what is basically an insult to yarn everywhere.....Wasn't I perfectly happy buying yarn all these years?

Why, yes! Yes. I was.

Sending off my dirty bag o' wool to be processed is looking better and better.



merrilymarylee said...

The peanut gallery here certainly has no advice. I'm impressed you're trying it. Also impressed that you borrowed the wheels to try, instead of buying, wise woman that you are!

Anonymous said...

Kim, I LOVE your blog!! I've been a faithful reader since our first girls' weekend with your mama. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. You ladies are really funny! Cindy Latty

deb said...

Kim! Don't "give up the sheep" yet! I'll show you my treatment to rejuvenate and instill enthusiasm to remove the wheel from the timeout corner! Deb

Dianne MacDonald said...

My best advice for new spinners is to not wear yourself out with it, especially in the beginning. Allow yourself about 15 minutes a day--everyday--to practice. Don't try to spin for hours all at one time. Wait until your next class and let your teacher watch your technique. She'll probably be able to sort it right out for you. Don't give'll be spinning great before you know it!