Sunday, November 22, 2009

I did it!

Dear Mom,
I had an epiphany of sorts at my last spinning class on Saturday. Alice's advice to not look at what I was doing and trust my fingers and to think a slow, rhythmic "tick-tock" as I treadled away were the things I needed to correct my mistakes and create some decent yarn.


I made some pretty yarn!! Not perfect, but pretty good. Way better than I had hoped.

Tabby Tree Weaver has an open spin on the first Sunday of every month, which will allow me to get some good advice, more practice, and try out different wheels as ....... are you ready for this?..... as I save my money and decide which wheel I want.  Never did I think I would be a spinner some day, but the thought really excites me. Alice also showed me a way to spin off the fleece I was given without spending way too much money to have it processed.  WOOHOOO!!!



Carol L. said...

Kim this is shocking news. Saturday went very well for you!!! Soon you will be designing the yarns for your designs of sweaters, skirts,parkas etc. Too fun!! Good luck and we will talk next week all of the fun details.

Bonnie Jo said...

It will be even more shocking when she has an alpaca farm and is harvesting her fiber....Kim, could it happen someday?? (Maybe you could start out with an Angora bunny...)

Anonymous said...

We never had a doubt!