Sunday, October 4, 2009


Dear Mom,
It is with a heavy heart that I deliver the sad news that Lucy Fur has passed on. Lucy was not the nicest pig we ever had, earning her the middle name FUR. (As in Lucifer or Lucy ferocious. Take your pick.)
Her departure came as no great shock as she has been declining over the past few weeks. We made her as comfortable as we could.
She is survived by her human family, Smokey the Rabbit Who Lives, and her guinea pig sisters, Oreo and Teddy.
Lucy was buried in a private ceremony and rests in a well-marked grave under a custom headstone.

In lieu of flowers, give your pet an extra hug.



Anonymous said...

Very nice obit!!Gina

Anonymous said...

sorry for the loss of your pet.

Bonnie Jo said... deepest condolences. Lucy will be a legendary guinea pig.

Anonymous said...


Lucy was quite a looker. My condolences. The headstone is quite elegant. I'm sure her sisters are proud.

I will go hug Miss Piggy, even though she'd much rather have a treat. My husband says that 60% of her is stomach.

I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

Hey Merrylee - I am the official zookeeper around here!

Carol who's house had a fire said...

Fergus got extra hugs this morning in honor of Lucy. I hope Lucy was blessed with quick legs once she got to heaven. Toby was at the gate to greet her! He does love the chase. But tell Grace that she is safe.... Mr. Toby won't hurt her. Just loves to run and chase. Lucy and Toby have each other. :-)