Monday, October 19, 2009

It's Really Just An Old Shoe . . . .

Dear Mom,
It really is just an old shoe.  Pink and black.  A "new school shoe" purchased in the summer by a tired-of-school-supply-and-new-school-clothes-shopping mother; a shoe picked out by the 6 year old who couldn't wait (!) to start first grade.  An average everyday shoe.
Except my 6 year old tied it this morning.  All by her little pipsqueak self.  And yes I celebrate her independence!  Her wiggly pride in a shoe well tied!
But I also mourn because I need to tie her shoes before school every morning.  She is only 6 after all!
Really, though.  It's just a shoe, right?


Kim said...

YAY! Aunt Kim is very proud. Great photo, and NO! You do not need to tie her shoes, there are lots of other things coming along that she will need her Mom for, but tying shoes is not one of them.

I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

But she is my baby!

Bonnie Jo said...

Congratulations to Pipsqueak! I can just see her now, skipping down the street to catch the school bus in her pink and black shoes!

happyruralgirl said...

Being a parent is about letting go in little ways everyday isn't it?? Me-I don't have this problem, because I am a lazy mom who has the strap on shoes for my 6 year old!

Anonymous said...

She's a 6-year-old genius.

Take a bow, Sweetie Pie!