Friday, October 30, 2009


Dear Mom,
I was grocery shopping this afternoon and I saw a bag of Bugles.  Every so often, I just can't resist purchasing a bag of Bugles.  I love Bugles!

The flavor takes my mind straight into the kitchen on Mintern Lane.  These were a rare treat for me and Kim, always enjoyed the day after an evening neighborhood card party hosted by you and Daddy.  I couldn't help placing a Bugle onto each finger! They make a good witch hand for Halloween....

...or beautifully manicured fingernails for two young sisters playing pretend at the table in the kitchen on Mintern Lane.
Bonnie Jo

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I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

Oh My! Those were the ultimate indugence for the two of us, and the only time we ever got junk food (at home)!!!!! I didn't even know they made Bugles anymore!