Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Young Man's Summer, week 1

Dear Mom,
This is what the Young Man is doing this summer. Driver's Ed.
I have two crystal clear memories of when I was learning to drive: Daddy's laugh the first time I stepped on the break, bringing the car to an abrupt halt, sending us lurching forward; and you yelling "LEFT" so I wouldn't plow down a row of mailboxes in the neighborhood.
I am trying reallyreallyreally hard not to shout "LEFT" when the Young Man is driving. I may curse myself one day, but I did ask him to speed up and at least drive the speed limit. I was afraid he would be late to class if we continued crawling along at just-above-idle speed.
I am considering having a large "Student Driver" magnet made to stick on the car when he is behind the wheel. Kind of a New Millennium version of "Baby on Board".

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Bonnie Jo said...

Yep, we have all thought of the "Student Driver" magnet. When they start driving on their own, you'll want one that says "Inexperienced Driver". It's a tough world out there...