Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Evenings

Dear Mom,
Now that summer is unofficially here and I am with children all day (I know, I only have 3 but they have morphed into many more and they bring their friends along, too), it is time for campfires, s'mores and tent sleeping. Activities all begging for Daddy while I am in the air conditioned house enjoying my "refreshments" too!

Enjoy your summer evenings!

Love, Wendy

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Lynette said...

That's my super-smart friend... let daddy sweat it out with them! :) Besides, someone has to guard the chocolate for the s'mores inside the house because if you take it out in this weather it will melt before you get it on the cracker.

Let me know if you need some reinforcements during the week whie "hubby" is at work. AFTER next week, that is. :D