Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friday Night

Dear Mom,
My Hero was given tickets to Monte Carlo night out at the Mt. Comfort airport. The Air Show is there this weekend, and Monte Carlo night is a fundraiser for Riley's Hospital. Add Image
I don't understand the appeal of gambling, not even when it is with pretend money, but we met some friends there, had some food and drinks and I even played blackjack. I still don't get the nuances of the game, but the dealer was a kindly, patient old man, and he just had fun with the rest of us.
The evening was very pleasant; the weather perfect- cool but not cold, low humidity, a gentle breeze. Hot air balloons firing up and rising gave us some pretty scenery.

So did the Men in Uniform. I have a new appreciation for the jumpsuit.

Oh Yeah.

Very nice views.



p.s. These photos were taken with my phone. Next time I am bringing my camera.

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Jill 2009 said...

I've known about the appreciation, appeal and allure of the military jumpsuit for years! Remember our "GABW" T-shirts? Jumpsuits greatly facilitate in the Grade A Bun Watching.