Monday, May 4, 2009

The Weekend

Dear Mom,
I did finish this sweater ( my design ) over the weekend. A good intermediate weather type sweater. I am happy with it, but there are a couple of details I will tweek when I make it again.
I also took these pictures over the weekend. I brought this columbine with me from our first house, and I am sure it came from your yard before that.

And check out the bumblebee. I just love this zooming in on a zoomed in picture. These are those great big Hindenberg bees. I think they are fun, but Bumper wants to protect the yard from them. He will launch himself at impressive heights and speed (especially for a thick, 10 year old dog) to try to get these bees. Once he has had a successful catch, he spits them out quickly and guards the wounded prey until he gets bored with it. I warn anyone to approach at risk when he is protecting his catch. The thing could be dead and pulverized by his paws, but he won't let anyone near. You would think it was a t-bone steak or something.



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