Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco De Mayo ii

Dear Mom,
Wow! Kim is impressive!! If she ever gets to Mexico, she can order beer, find a bathroom and perhaps know when she should have gone to bed. The only thing I remember from Spanish class was how much fun it was being naughty with Mike Mitchell!! Hey, I'm 42 years old now and I have capitalized on that naughty fun and can order a beer in my native tongue wherever I am!

Too bad I've lost track of Mike!! It would be great to order a beer (or two!), celebrate Cinco De Mayo and talk old Spanish days with him (I have never laughed so hard in my life as I always did with Mike Mitchell!! Yep, we were some kind of naughty!!)!!
I am terrible with uploading/downloading, especially from YouTube, but click on the link and you can enjoy some great Cinco De Mayo music!! Arriba!!!!

Love, Wendy


Lynette said...

**Gasp!!** (So, you're human, too?)

Jill 2009 said...

Hola Wendy. A surprise to see my brother Michael on your blog. He is still very funny. Jill

Michael said...

Wendy, nice that I am still thought of in a nice manner. Michael