Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Knitting

Dear Mom,
I am a slow knitter. Where Kim can knit an adult sweater in days, it takes me days just to find the proper needles for my project. Another few to work on gauge and correct my needles, if necessary. And still another few to start knitting! My knitting mojo needs to be "just right"; Kim's knitting mojo is never wrong!! I am super excited though!! I started a spring sweater in March (like, actually in the spring)! And FINISHED IT! In time for Spring!
This pattern is the Knitting Pure & Simple Neckdown Shaped T-Shirt #233. I loved everything about this sweater: the simplicity of the neckdown knitting.
The shaping.
The yarn. Fleece Artist Sea Wool. The slight variations of the hand dyed yarn. The beauty of a simple stitch.
Best of all, I'll get to wear it this year!!! Woo hoo!!!!
Love, Wendy


brooke t. higgins said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Just like YOU! :)

I'm gonna tell Mom! said...


Audrey said...

Beautiful Job Wendy Lee!