Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just Dandy!

Dear Mom,
There is a new project brewing at Peacemaker Farm...we are attempting to make dandelion wine.

Cheerful neighbors looked on as we "harvested" chemical-free dandelions from their yards, and excited children were eager to help us collect the yellow flowers! Approximately 2 quarts of dandelion flower heads were collected. The wine recipe requires most of the green material to be removed from the flower heads, leaving a heaping pile of petals. The petals were then covered with boiling water and left to steep for two days.

We are new to the art of wine making, so we are learning as we go. The ingredients are simple: dandelion flowers, sugar, oranges, water and Champagne yeast. It will take six months to a year before we will even know how it tastes!

Love, Bonnie Jo

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