Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Backyard Girlfriends

Dear Mom,
Meg and Marge are best friends. They have had a special bond from the moment they were introduced to each other. I think it is because Meg is the smallest hen and Marge is on the bottom of the "pecking order" of the three Buff Orpingtons. As a result, Meg and Marge pal around together and take care of each other. I love to watch their special relationship. I will see Marge cleaning off remnants of grass from Meg's beak, and Meg showing Marge the best patches of green grass to nibble on.

Here is my sweet little Meg. Her "Mille Fleur" D'uccle breed name means "millions of flowers" because of her many spots and speckles...
and here is Marge, with the crooked point on her comb, looking up at me. She is my social chicken...curious and interested in me and what I am doing. I knew she was special when she jumped up and sat on my knee one day in the coop...
and here they are, all together--Meg and the Buff Orpingtons (aka The Fat-Bottom Girls)--enjoying a rare afternoon of above-freezing temperatures to free-range in the backyard.
I am so looking forward to spring and summer, the first for these four ladies together in the backyard. I'm sure there will be many, many adventures and stories to tell!
Love, Bonnie Jo

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