Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another Family Trait??

Dear Mom,
I think that perhaps along with the genetic traits that have us loving to vacuum, getting holes in the big toe of our stockings and compulsively counting out the correct change, we may be compelled to collect and save ribbons. I didn't realize this until I saw Wendy's ribbons yesterday. Some of hers look very familiar. Very. Familiar.
I am unable to resist a bargain bin full of ribbons. One dollar for a spool of ribbon? Can't beat that! And searching through my ribbons for just the right one is as much fun as going through my button box. One of my favorite ribbon sources is LFN textiles . They have some of the most beautiful, interesting, and unusual ribbons.

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LFN Textiles said...

oh, nice! I am glad you like my ribbons! thansk for the mention--

Laura Nicholson
LFN Textiles