Thursday, February 5, 2009

Too below

Dear Mom,

The outside temp this morning is 2 below. Too below normal, I say.

Last night before dinner, The Young Lady blew bubbles to see if they would freeze.

And then we came in to have one of her all time favorite dinners. Look familiar??




brooke t. higgins said...

Did the bubbles freeze? Are they easier to catch that way? I want to try it!!

Bonnie Jo said...

We want to see results of the bubble freezing experiment!!! I was wondering what happened, too!

I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

Tell us! Did the bubbles freeze?!
Love, Wendy

kim said...

Brooke, Bonnie Jo and Wendy,
The bubbles were blowing away too fast for us to catch them. Cold + wind = frozen fingers. We gave up as a result of our frozen fingers before we could get a good catch. The bubbles seemed extra colorful and thick-skinned, though. If we get another cold day- and Lord, I hope not- we will try again.