Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Dear Mom,
I suppose some might say it is poetic justice that this dental hygienist's dog had a periodontal abscess and had to have a tooth extracted yesterday.
And while I was talking to the vet, I asked, "How long do rabbits live?"
"Oh, two to three years," he says.
"Well," I say, "the classroom pet we *adopted* is now 7 1/2!!!!"
"Any day now."
"Any day now," I tell the Young Lady. "Could be ANY. DAY. Dr. Veterinarian could only think of maybe ONE other rabbit who has lived as long as Smokey."
"I think Smokey is gonna break a record!" says Young Lady.
"Really?!?!" I say.
"Gee, maybe!" I say, trying to inject a cheerful note of optimism in my tone.
What I am thinking is that as much as I love that rabbit, I have been cleaning his cage for way too long.
And Bonnie Jo's pet chickens gave us part of our dinner last night. Young Lady named the eggs before we cracked them. Because " they could have been chicks."



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Bonnie Jo said...

Awwwww! Smokey is so cute!