Monday, February 9, 2009

A Nesting Hen

Dear Mom,
It was so nice to have warmer temperatures over the weekend. I was able to get out and do some modifications to the roost inside the chicken coop. The girls have grown (or should I say "fattened up") so much that they need a little extra room on the perch to sleep comfortably at night. I opened up the front of the coop, and Gloria was hard at work in the nest box!

The hens have such comical "expressions"...they make me laugh!!

Our maple syrup production is well underway. The sap was a-flowin', and several containers of various shapes and sizes are catching the sap from our maple trees. Large pots of sap were boiling all weekend long. It takes about 12 gallons of sap to make just 1 quart of syrup. That's A LOT of boiling!!

Anyone in the mood for eggs and pancakes?!!
Love, Bonnie Jo


Kim said...

Gloria is beautiful!

pipersuz said...

I noticed that the maple syrup production was in full swing again last night. I wonder how much you will wind up with... I just find it amazing that the trees in our area are producing so much sap! Very cool...

I also love the pictures of Gloria. She is a sweetie...

~ Suzy