Sunday, February 22, 2009

My weekend

Dear Mom,
I had a fantabulous weekend!! It began on Friday night with some serious pottery painting with my BFF Brooke and my separated-at-birth-sister Tobie. We went to The Mad Potter for a girls night out. Lots of chocolate, gossip, laughter and paint.
Brooke painted a darling tea pot for lots of future tea parties with her nieces. By the way, Brooke did all of that freehand painting ALL BY HERSELF! Tobie painted a sweet heart plate for her daughter.I painted a black polka dotted platter. For me. And I'm so excited!
Brooke, Tobie and I then spent Saturday together at the yarn store. We worked but mostly there was more chocolate, gossiping and laughter.
So--today. The diva and I went to our monthly mother/daughter tea and book club at one of my most favorite places. Ever. Magic happens here. Always.
This month's book was Mr. Popper's Penguins by Richard and Florence Atwater. Loved it. Again.
We talked about the book and decided that Mrs. Popper is the real hero for tolerating all of those penguins in her house! The diva also made her own penguin. Which she named Olivia.

This is the room we meet in to drink our kid-friendly tea, eat our cookies and discuss our books.

There is something to look at in every corner, something to read everywhere on vintage comfy couches, and ideas and imagination run amok!
I am finishing my weekend with some movie magic. I love the Academy Awards. I love to watch Brad and Angelina. Kate and Leonardo. And I love Mickey Rourke. There is just somethin'-somethin' about him. Love him.
I hope your weekend was sprinkled with a bit of magic, too!
Love, Wendy


Kim said...

Mr Popper's Penguins is one of my all-time favorites! And Mickey Rourke? EEEWWWW. I think he is a crazy man.
Love, Kim
p.s. show us Brooke's teapot and your plate when they are done!

brooke t. higgins said...

All by myself! Woo!

I love this post and all your pictures. I wish I could be in that book club. I love you!

happyruralgirl said...

That 'something' you are noticing in Micky Rourke can be found in all his previous movies before his 'break', especially 9 1/2 weeks. Look them up and find these oldies but goodies!!

really love the site-talk soon!