Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Long Walk

Dear Mom,
School was on a 2 hour delay this morning. I love 2 hour delays. And dioramas, but that is a story for another day.....
After the kids left, My Fit Neighbor and I took a 5 mile walk through the neighborhood and onto the Monon trail. The Monon hasn't been plowed, so about a mile of our walk was in deep, deep snow. Did I say deep? It. was. Deep. Walking in Deep Snow is hard work and I was WORN OUT. When we got back on the plowed road my legs felt like they weren't moving at all, kind of like how it feels when you pick something up expecting it to be heavy and it's not and you lift your arms up higher than you meant to.

Well, I huffed and puffed and My Fit Neighbor wasn't breathing heavy at all. I also might have blisters on my heels because I overcompensated and wore 2 pairs of my handknit wool socks in my boots. And in some places the snow was deep enough (did I tell you it was deep?) that I had to lift my legs up high to get through it and realized that this is what Bumper Joseph feels like every time he has to go out!

And even after all that my legs will not be skinny.

If I am not crippled by my walk, the house is getting some much needed TLC today after the weekend in Shipshewana and the snow day yesterday. I'll be spending some quality time with the vacuum cleaner, Mr. Swiffer and The Bosch's ( Walter Washer and Dottie Dryer, bless them).
Keep warm.

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